COVID-19-Pandemie – Berichte aus Khayelitsha

Über die aktuelle Lage in Khayelitsha während der COVID-19-Pandemie berichtet unsere Nachhilfelehrerin Thandi:

As I write this report the COVID-19 virus is making us panic and restless as we hear each day that the numbers are steadily increasing of people being infected. Today we are on day 7. One case has been reported in Makhaza at Khayelitsha where we live not knowing how many people has he or she been in contact with, which makes us more scared.
So far no reported case of infection on our members of MYOLI as we keep reminding ourselves to wash hands frequently and stay home at all times.
We pray and hope that this pandemic will dissolve and disperse but only if we work hand in hand as the community of Khayelitsha, South Africa and the Continent as a whole Fraction.
Thank you for your concern, we really appreciate.


Today we are on day 17 of lockdown, of which we were suppose to end the lock down on 21 day. Since the curve is not yet flatten the lockdown was extended for further 2 weeks, that is we are given till end of April. Hoping that the number of infections will be constant.
Here at Khayelitsha where we reside people are abinding by the rules and we have excepted the situation of staying indoors and go out when necessary.
There are no cases of infections reported yet on the MYOLI group as we keep ourselves indoors and practising good hygiene. We keep updating ourselves with information via Whatsapp so that no one one is left behind.
We hope and pray that this pandemic of COVID-19 will perish soon.
Thank you for your concern. We really appreciate.


The current situation in the township of Khayelitsha due to COVID-19 is unsettling as way of living is becoming unbearable. I can say half the majority people living in Khayelitsha are not adhering to the rule of staying indoors due to houses being too small to live in, boredom caused by nothing to do, frustrations and stress of what the next meal would come from. Frustration and stress is due to lack of finance as many bread winners are not at work. So the streets are bound to be crowded with children as schools are closed.
There are long queues each and every single day at the supermarkets. One is forced to wake up at the early hours of the morning just to queue for food. Recently near by two supermarkets have been closed due to staff being infected with the virus. This makes us panic furthermore as the number is increasing. It is now that it is really sinking in to most people that the virus is spreading as more people are being tested. We are not on the safe zone yet.
Life is quite difficult to adhere with this situation of COVID-19 as people are in their homes not at work for income to buy food for their families. Not being able to provide for your family is quite a strain. People are really suffering as to what the next meal would come from. People are going to bed hungry because food is not available.
On the other hand the children are quite well as no infection has been reported yet. They keep themselves busy with school activities. They are also frustrated with this lockdown. We as the members update ourselves each day of any news and developments.


Today is marked as day 39 of lockdown. We are on level 4, which means some few clothing shops are open. Some people are back at work while others are working from home. Fast food outlets are still closed.
Unfortunately Khayelitsha is the township as a whole in South Africa that has most numbers of infections as testing and screening is being done.
This is putting a strain as we are unsettled by this matter.
We are required to wear masks at all times to minimise the spread of COVID-19.
On the 1 of June only grade 12 and 7 will be allowed to go back to school only if the number of infections remain constant.
Fortunately for now there is still no report of infections on the side of the MYOLI members. We are coping just fine, hoping and praying that by the end of the month we will at least progress to level 3.


We are on day 46 of lockdown, that is week 5 of lockdown. Yet there are no improvements of numbers of people being infected decreasing instead the numbers are increasing. Unfortunately Cape Town remains the highest of people being infected. Khayelitsha were we live has the highest number of infections as a township of the whole of South Africa.
Most employees are back at work regardless of the high number of infections. This is because of lack of income as many employees are sole bread winners for their families. Testing sites are being implemented close to were we live for us to make it easier to go for testing. We are required to wear masks everywhere we go and if not you will be not allowed to enter the premises of the shops.
The stay at home campaign is still a struggle to most people especially to those who do not have food to eat. People queue for so long for food parcels to be released each day and distancing is still a challenge.
The MYOLI members are still fine as still there are no reported cases of infections. We hope by the end of the month the number of infections will decrease.
Thank you again for your concern.


In South Africa we are now on day 54 of lockdown. We are still on level 4. It has been announced that level 3 will be permitted by 1st of June. This will only apply to areas that have low numbers of infection and not in areas that has high numbers of infection.
Unfortunately Khayelitsha, where we reside, has most numbers of infection. We are recognised as  the hot spot for Covid -19 in Cape Town. This is due to the high numbers of population. This will also make us to remain on level 4 as we are still battling with this pandemic. Testing, screening, social distancing and sanitizing is highly emphasized almost at every angle.
The matter of schools being ready to open by June is still an issue but the education sector is trying its utmost best to reassure us not to panic and the schools will be open. So grade 7 and 12 only  will  be  allowed to attend school on the 1st of June.
There also still no reported case of the Myoli members being infected so far.
Thanks again for your concern.


The date has been set, we are moving to level 3 on the 1st of June. Cape town especially in Khayelitsha as the township is known as the hot spot. It has high number of infections. Grade 7 and 12 are the only grades that will be allowed to attend school on the 1st of June. The only approach we are given is good hygiene, wearing a mask and distancing to fight this pandemic.
Most of the shops will be open but we will be isolated and checked every second if we are obeying the rules. We are approaching winter which makes us more nervous as the number is vast to increase on infections. This is going to be most difficult and challenging season as it will be cold. 
We, the Myoli members, are still fine as we isolate ourselves. The children can’t wait  for this pandemic to be at ease as it makes them bored to stay at home at all times.
Thanks you for always thinking of us.


The past two weeks schools are open for grade 7 and 12. Most schools were not ready to open for learners as the schools did not have enough protection and sanitizing of the school premises were not up to standard. Teachers at some schools tested positive for the COVID-19, so parents forcefully undoubtedly took out their kids out off school.
Since level 3 most services are operational and most employees are back at work although it is risky. Things have changed drastically for the better and the worse. The better being  everyone understands the system now and how to protect ourselves this pandemic is in everyone’s lips and head. The worse is that essentials are too expensive and most people are suffering and struggling as they have lost their jobs through this pandemic.
Although we are trying to be strong ,this pandemic really presses our panic button and this leads to stress. We try by all means to motivate  each other to keep safe at all times.
On behalf of Myoli we are thankful for the food parcels that you provide for us each week. The parcels really do make a difference. You put a smile on their faces. 

Thank you for your concern.


It has been announced that all grades on the 6th of July 2020 will be opened. Parents are not all at ease as the numbers of teachers being infected increases. Parents worry that there kids would be infected. Parents are given a choice not to send their kids to school if a child has respiratory history or any illnesses. Home schooling seems to be an option for other parents, as they would rather take this form of teaching rather than to send their kids to school to be infected.
Winter season is making things worse as the number of deaths are increasing in the same household in one week. This is becoming a norm. This makes us panic even more and wonder if our families are safe. The opening of more shops and the free flow of customers is another problem as now there won’t be control of numbers coming inside the shops as now there are no queues outside.
Parents now are forced to lay down rules and force the rules to their kids to stay at home to be safe. „It is now in our hands“ as our president always emphasises these words to conquer this pandemic by following the golden rules.
The Myoli crew is still coping, but we are at our toes now that the number of deaths are increasing in our community Khayelitsha.
Thank you so much for your concern. 


For the past week doors were open for grade six and eleven. Most schools were ready to welcome this group of pupils as they started last month with grade seven and twelve.
Most parents were not at ease by allowing their kids back school, as the number of teachers being infected is increasing every single day. Most schools are giving parents an option to home school their kids as  teachers are seeing this as the best option for the pupils not to be infected. Pupils will be given tasks that will only be taken by parents at schools. The pupils will only be allowed to attend to write assessments when the pandemic has slowed down.
We are still on level three. This level is making things worse. The number of infections is increasing and death rates is at its most peak especially for the elderly. Hunger is another issue that is taking over in our township of Khayelitsha. Children are rooming around the streets and parents are going around in search for employment regardless of this pandemic.
At Myoli we find ourselves very fortunate that we are at least able to eat as we get food parcels  each week. We are still on the safe side hoping we will continue to play by the rules and precautions.
Thanking you for your concern.


We are exactely on month four of lockdown. Schools are again being closed until the end of August. The closure of school is because of the high increase of infection during the winter season. The majority of parents have welcomed this decision as they are quite scared and concern for their kids not to be infected.
Although it has been implemented for pupils not to attend school, children are rooming around the streets since they have nothing to do. They are feeling the strain of boredom as they miss going to school and this further causes a lot of stress.
Parents have an obligation to assist their kids on school work during this time of Covid. Some pupils are finding it difficult to understand the method their parents implement while assisting them with school work. Now the absence of school is really kicking in deeply.
To keep safe we frequently sanitize, wear a mask and keep a social distance. The Myoli deligates are still fine, crossing fingers for this pandemic not to get us.
Thank you for your concern.


South Africa is on day 137 since lockdown. At least we are used to the rules and regulations of the lockdown. The rules are now on our systems. Schools will open  for grade 7’s tomorrow. Grade 12’s have already opened last week. The pupils are eager to go back to school as they are bored  and anxious at the same time. It has been stated by our government that the school year will be extended till next year for academic year to end, to make up for the time lost.
The Western Cape is no longer regarded as the province with the most cases. We are also happy that we are co-operating with the rules and regulations. On my findings the pupils here in Khayelitsha due to this lockdown not even have a chance to study. They did not have an access to internet because of lack of finance. This will definitely put a strain to educators and also pupils as most grades will open at the end of the month. Most of us are looking forward to schools being open.
The atmosphere here in Khayelitsha is now at ease, everywhere you go people are wearing masks from small children to adults and sanitisers at hand. With regard on the side of the Myoli crew we are fine.
Thank you for keeping on caring for us.


South Africa as a whole on Tuesday is moving to level 2, which means maybe the opening of school will no longer be an issue. The procedure of how the pupils will be welcomed back to school is still on discussion and red alert, meaning the pupils will not go and attend schools all at once in order to keep the rule of social distancing.
Most learners are very much keen to go back to school as they are anxious to learn and continue to going back to their normal lives at school. Parents are now feeling the strain and high pressure of teaching their kids. Level 2 does not mean this virus is dead, it is only meant for our economy not to be at a stand still. The rule of wearing a mask, sanitizing and social distancing is still a must in order for us to be safe as there is still no cure or vaccine to protect us. We are waiting patiently for the schools to be opened and may the virus be at least be at a stand still, for the pupils to be safe.
Thank you for your concern.


There is now no turning back nor thinking twice about schools being open. Most parents have sent their children to school today. The atmosphere at  Khayelitsha schools is not the same as before this Pandemic took place. The grades did not all go at once today. The grades will rotate right through the weeks.
The first challenge that the schools face is that pupils, especially the lower grades, not getting used to wearing masks at all times. The pupils are reprimanded to come at school wearing masks at all times and if not then there will be no entering to school premises. The second one is of the learners not allowed to share stationery amongst each other, so a learner is suppose to have his or her own stationery.
Most learners were very much excited to attend school after so long being away from the school premises. We hope that at least this time around this pandemic will be at its lowest and the number of infections will decline. The schools will at least now continue up until the 23 third of October for this term.
Thanks so much for your concern.


The process of schools being open is coming surely but slowly. As from tomorrow grade five and grade eleven are opening also this week. It has been decided that the lower grades will attend simultaneously during the week. The higher grades will attend only at once during the week except for grade twelves of which they will attend everyday of the school week.
Although we are experiencing a cold front, life still goes on. At some schools parents can apply for their children not to attend and rather teach them at home. Parents are alarmed not to send their children if they are sick as the children’s immune system is weak and might infect other children. The pupils are screened each time they enter the school premises to clarify any signs infections.
Around Khayelitsha the site camps with patients who were infected has decreased which really proves that the number of infections are declining. Abiding by the rules has really played a big role in us surviving. At Myoli we are still safe and hoping things will get much better soon.
Thank you for your concern.


It has been three weeks since the schools have allowed other grades to take part at schools. The schools have now a different approach or a way of teaching. The pupils now do not attend all at once at school. They rotate continuously each week. By this the groups in each class are divided into two groups. The other group attend and the other group stay at home and wait for its turn the following week. At other schools the group rotates in days.
At least by now all learners are suppose to have their report cards. The report cards would give a clear indication on which learners really need to pull their socks up. Everyone is waiting impatiantly for the implementation of level one to at least allow the normality of schools to go back as it used to be, at least maybe by the end of September the cold season will be over and dusted. Majority of parents have went out all of their way to make sure that their children do not miss out an inch on school work. Now everyone is realising the importance of education and attending school as it closes the gap of loneliness because socialising at school broadens the mind and keep the child occupied.
Thank you for your concern which is highly appreciated.


We still remain on level two in South Africa. One of the struggle we have now is Social distancing at Malls and in our society. We live in highly dense Area that is uncontrollable with regard to high population. This uncontrollability leads to high rate of infections and slows the process of recovery.
Slowly but surely most people are back at work but we are still eagered for the announcement of level one as it may open doors for the opening of boarders as this will give an opportunity for tourism jobs to operate and more people to be employed again. Being on level one may also lead us to at least the chance for schools to operate as before.
The pupils are getting used to the new school system they are put under and are making the most of it. The winter season is almost over and soon we will enjoy the warm season which may help hinder the infection rate. We appreciate the help that you offer us in terms of food parcels and always checking upon us.


Today we woke up on level one as a country. This implies that teachers who were at risk of being infected with Covid-19 are required to be back at work. Meaning those teachers that suffers from Chronic complications. This instruction has caused a stir because the teachers feel that the pandemic is not over yet and they feel that they will also put the lives of pupils at risk. The news of teachers being infected is quite increasing and not declining.
There are still those people in our community that do not take precautions with this Covid-19 and are still in denial that this pandemic is real and it kills. It has been concluded that the pupils will no longer write exams they will focus on random class tests except for grade twelves. Our public hospitals are not seeing patients who have doctors appointments. Patients will only see doctors probably next year. So this rings that we should really take care of ourselves including those people that are near us.
We hope that the level one we are on as a country will not make things worse with regard to being infected as most think this pandemic has resolved.


Things are quite tough for most learners as they are finding it difficult to cope with school work as they are pressured to catch up for the lost time of school in the past weeks. Parents are obliged to assist their children with school work where as most parents are at work or do not have a clue with regard to school work. This put a strain to learners as some do not also know a way forward of how to tackle some of the school work when they are at home, as learners do not attend all at once. Some teachers are even not yet back at schools since the lockdown has started to avoid being infected with the virus easily as they are prone to the virus.
To date Khayelitsha is being flooded with unlegal settlement and occupying every space they can find to build since they cannot afford to pay rent , buy houses and the uneployment rate is high due to Covid -19. This causes the rule of social  distancing to be left out and this problem might highly cause the virus to spread quickly and to be uncontrollable.
So far the Myoli deligates are trying their atmost best and adjusting just fine at school.
Thank you again for your concern. 


The learners are preparing their exams for this term now. Workload is a lot as they need to cover all the work. Most learners are given tasks to submit at school as this will count towards their marks. Now the days are being increased for them to attend than before as they used to attend only at once a week.
This slowly shows that the schools are at least getting back to normal. The date for the closure of school for this term has not yet been mentioned.
The children are trying their best to survive these tough times as they are about to write assessments.
Thanks again for your never ending care.


So far the pupils are busy with their assessments for term three. We are waiting patiently for the good outcome although it has been tough through this whole six months of Covid -19. Parents have tried really hard to get their kids through this tough times.
We hope and pray that Covid-19 will not re-appear or resurface to start again. As things have been tough and unbearable, hoping soon we can open the Myoli Saturday school for the pupils to at least cover the work they find difficult to attempt.
Thanks for checking on us always, we appreciate your concern.


Schools are about to close this coming Friday and most schools will give out reports on the 2nd November as the schools will close for about a week. The schools will open on the 2nd November till 15 December 2020.
When the schools reopen for the 4th term it’s going to be a tough one, as learners will be expected to pass for the next grade.
As the Myoli tutors we are prepared and will give our utmost best to assist the learners of Myoli with their school work. We hope to see them all in numbers this coming Saturday as we are about to start with classes again.
Thank you so much  again  for your concern, we really appreciate.